HDR UK Wales is committed to advancing healthcare research through the power of co-production.

Our team are pioneering a co-production approach where researchers, patients, practitioners, and other public partners collaborate equally, sharing power and responsibility throughout the research process. Unlike traditional Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) activities, co-production goes beyond consultation, ensuring patients and the public have a genuine say in decision-making, from prioritising research questions to analysing and publicising findings.

By involving the wider community in our research from the outset, we enhance its relevance and quality and ensure that it addresses the real-world needs of society and policymakers. Co-production isn’t just about ethical considerations; it’s about making research more effective and sustainable in the long run.

Our ambition is to be recognised for our exemplary co-production practices and to enable the people affected by healthcare research to have an active role in shaping its future.

Jack Palmer, Co-production lead at HDR UK Wales:

“At HDR UK Wales, we are proud to bring a co-production approach to our research. By building purposeful relationships, valuing the knowledge and perspectives of others, and sharing control, our work is stronger. Co-production enhances the relevance and quality of research, ensuring it addresses real-world needs and is more effective and sustainable.”

Co-production team
  • Jack Palmer


Interested in upskilling and learning more about Co-production?  We have teamed up with Datacise Open Learning on a Navigating co-production with linked data course. For course information and dates visit their website. 

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