Maternal and Child Health

Our dedicated maternal and child health team is committed to conducting high-quality research to improve the health and wellbeing of women and children. Through our work, we strive to inform maternal and child healthcare, policy, and practice.

In collaboration with our research partners, HDR UK Wales supports a range of projects designed to enhance health outcomes for mothers and their children. Some of our current projects include:

  • #MuM-PreDICT
Professor Sinead Brophy, Co-Director of HDR UK Wales:

“Our maternal and child health research spans pregnancy through the early years, recognising the critical impact on lifelong health. Tackling inequalities in health outcomes is paramount. Our team uses routinely collected data to develop innovative resources and tools to produce high-quality research and address knowledge gaps. We aim to provide the best evidence for maximum benefit, ensuring future health and wellbeing.”

Maternal and Child Health Team
  • Professor Sinead Brophy
  • Professor Richard Fry
  • Dr Mohamed Mhereeg
  • Dr Jon Kennedy
  • Michael Seaborne
  • Hope Jones

And from affiliated projects:

  • Prof Cathy Thornton
  • Prof Lucy Griffiths
  • Samantha Turner
  • Dr Amy Mizen