Research Data Infrastructure

Researchers are able to securely access and use population-level health data for public benefit at greater depth than ever before, but novel solutions are needed if we are to fully realise the transformative potential of health data to improve people’s lives.

Infrastructure Programmes embedded within Health Data Research UK (HDR UK) provide the coordination and leadership across the UK to accelerate the development of technical solutions to facilitate the trustworthy use of diverse, high-quality and large-scale data for research and innovation. They are developing the resources and services required to underpin some of the most ambitious and creative research in health data science, guided by the evolving needs of our Research Driver Programmes.

The programmes are critical to accelerating health data research: technology services, governance and public trust, capacity building and data standards. They are supported by the convening and coordinating role of the UK Health Data Research Alliance.

The HDR UK Infrastructure Programmes are pushing health data science beyond its existing capabilities, making health and health-related data more Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reproducible (FAIR) for scientific discovery and patient and public benefit.