Disease Atlas

Generating unprecedented insights on all human diseases through the systematic analysis of millions of patient health records.

The Disease Atlas could radically change patient care and how we think about and research disease. The programme sets out an ambitious approach to systematically define and compare all common and rare diseases within a population-level, data-driven framework.

Using newly available linked health data corresponding to 56 million people in England, our goal is to generate entirely new insights across the spectrum of human disease to advance research, inform healthcare policy, and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

The Disease Atlas is at the forefront of health data science and is a collaborative effort involving patients, clinicians and researchers. The programme builds on the expertise and tools delivered by the Human Phenome Programme, and works alongside the Research Driver Programmes to deliver maximum impact across health research, medical care and innovation. We plan to engage new partners and seek opportunities for growth through external funding and commercialisation.  Read more about the programme aims.

Dan Thyer, Disease Atlas Lead based in HDR UK Wales.

“HDR UK Wales’s contribution to the Disease Atlas work is paving the way for unprecedented insights into human diseases. Through systematic analysis of millions of patient health records, this collaborative effort is poised to revolutionise patient care and shape our approach to disease research.

Disease Atlas Team based in HDR UK Wales
  • Dan Thyer