Transforming Data for Trials

Transforming access to and analysis of health data for use in clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that assess the effects of healthcare interventions in people. They are the best way to assess the safety and benefits of new forms of treatment and prevention, like a new drug or medical device. The use of routinely collected healthcare systems data has the potential to make clinical trials more efficient but to date it has been rarely in this type of research.

The Transforming Data for Trials Programme will transform access to, and the utility, analysis and understanding of healthcare systems data to enable its use in clinical trials – providing research teams with the same reliable outcomes with less effort and reduced costs. The programme will equip the clinical trials community with the skills and technical solutions needed to work effectively with healthcare systems data, across both academic and industry-led trials.

In the longer term, the programme outputs will also allow updated decisions by trial sponsors and funders on how trials and trial teams might be better structured and funded in the future with more efficiency and lower costs, while maintaining, or improving, the quality of trials.  Find out more about the Programme aims.

The team at HDR UK Wales is leading the training and patient and public involvement initiatives in this field.

Over the five years, training resources, applicable to a wide range of audiences will be developed and made freely available through the HDR UK Training platform. Identification of topic areas will be guided by parallel development of a ‘Route-map for trials using healthcare systems data”, led by colleagues in Oxford and Dundee.

We are ensuring that the public voice is represented in all of the training modules – we have established a public advisory group of approximately 20 public partners, recruited from across the four devolved nations, and representing a diverse range of views. This group is providing advice and feedback on potential topic areas and oversight on the development of individual modules.

Michael Robling, Professor of Population Health Trials Lead based in HDR UK Wales.

“We have already produced a number of training resources, available via HDR UK, on building and maintaining public trust in routine data trials. This next phase of work will build on what we have already produced, and responding to the challenges and training needs of the trials community.

Transforming Data for Trials Team based in HDR UK Wales
  • Professor Mike Robling
  • Dr Fiona Lugg-Widger
  • Dr Rob Trubey
  • Professor Kerry Hood
  • Dr Rebecca Cannings-John
  • Dr Victoria Shephard
  • Nagheen Ahmed
  • Sarah Rawlinson