Medicines in Acute and Chronic Care

Working as part of HDR UK, The Medicines in Acute and Chronic Care Driver Programme aims to understand and transform the use of medicines for patients of all ages, especially those with complex care needs, such as those living with multiple long-term conditions.

Medicines are fundamental in maintaining human health. However, adverse drug reactions are increasingly common, especially as the world’s population ages. There is also an unacceptably high rate of medicine-related errors, fuelled by the complexity of guidelines and the expanding array of potential therapies. Those with lower education and low income are most likely to experience medicines-related adverse events and errors.

The Medicines in Acute and Chronic Care Programme will tackle the most critical health challenges associated with medicines in the UK and globally.

Professor Rhiannon Owen Programme Lead based in HDR UK Wales, said:

“Medicines and combinations of medicines, can sometimes lead to unintended harm. Through collaborative efforts with HDR UK team members across the UK, our Medicines in Acute and Chronic Care Programme will develop statistical methods to explore these complexities with an aim to transform medication usage, ensuring safer and more effective treatments for patients of all ages and backgrounds.”

Driver Programme Team based in HDR UK Wales
  • Professor Rhiannon Owen
  • Professor Hamish Laing
  • Dr James Rafferty