Social and Environmental Determinants of Health

Working as part of HDR UK, the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Driver Programme will establish a national infrastructure and methods to link localised social and environmental health-related data to existing, longitudinal administrative records from healthcare services, surveys, and recruited cohorts.

Our current and future health is strongly influenced by our social and physical environments. Changes in family structure, work patterns, income, housing, and environmental exposures are linked to persisting health inequalities. Understanding how these factors affect people’s health creates an opportunity for evidence-based interventions.

This Driver Programme will enhance the UK’s capabilities to tackle health inequalities by generating powerful, linked data resources to guide policy, public health and services. It will deliver UK-wide interoperable and harmonised, FAIR health data assets comprising administrative and recruited cohorts linked to high-resolution, social and environmental data at household level.

At HDR Wales the team specialise in innovative privacy-protecting geospatial data linkages using Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) and research focussing on the wider determinants of health using spatial and social epidemiology, data science and traditional epidemiology techniques

Professor Richard Fry, Co-Director of HDR UK Wales and S&E Associate Director, said:

This programme is an important step forward in understanding the social and environmental factors shaping health inequalities across the UK.

Working with HDR UK colleagues from across the UK, the team in Wales will look to establish a robust national infrastructure for linking diverse data sources, including health, administrative and environmental data – enabling new insights into the complex interplay between these factors and individual health outcomes.”

Driver Programme Team based in HDR UK Wales
  • Professor Richard Fry  – Environment and Health (lead)
  • Professor Lucy Griffiths – Paediatric Epidemiology
  • Rowena Bailey – Data science and statistics
  • Dr Amy Mizen – Spatial Epidemiology
  • Research Analyst 1
  • Research Analyst 2